MGM reiterates partnership with Young Entrepreneurs

MGM young entrepreneurs

[Press Release]

The “MYEIC x MGM Young Entrepreneur Nurturing Program”, an incubation scheme co-organized by Parafuturo de Macau (PFM Macau), Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre (MYEIC) and MGM, held the second mentoring session of this year and the sixth of the program on May 28. Hosted by Christine Liu, Assistant Vice President of Housekeeping of MGM, the session centered on the daily operation of the department along with its purchasing needs and standards. In addition to indicating MGM’s commitment to explore collaboration opportunities with local young entrepreneurs, Liu encouraged the program participants to concentrate their efforts on customizing products and service for clients in order to win their business.

Designed for members of MYEIC, the “MYEIC x MGM Young Entrepreneur Nurturing Program” includes a series of mentoring sessions on different areas of business practices to help paving their path to success. During the latest mentoring session, Liu gave a vivid account of her department’s daily operation. She noted that the Housekeeping Department is responsible for managing guest rooms, facilities in public areas, wardrobe and linen, as well as floral arrangement, all in which give rise to the need of large and complex procurements. Young entrepreneurs offering customized products to cope with the needs of the hotel will be able to stand out in a pool of suppliers and secure purchase orders from the Company.

Liu recounted MGM’s procurement of nano-silver disinfectant spray from a MYEIC member last year, which was used as gifts for hotel guests as nano-silver does not cause skin allergies and the spray is portable and permitted on a plane. Liu then suggested that the young entrepreneur could customize such product for MGM. To make the gift packaging perfect with eco-friendly features, Liu has come up with multiple design ideas, and both parties went through several rounds of discussions and enhancements before putting the product into mass production. Liu spoke highly of the flexibility and creativity of the young entrepreneur, who was eager to provide tailor-made solutions to its clients by fulfilling their needs. She also noted that the collaboration has reached a win-win situation for both parties, as the new packaging design could be used on other products for future clients.

During the Q & A session, the program participants either took the opportunity to introduce their products and services or inquire about the standards of MGM’s procurement. Christine indicated that MGM welcomes innovative ideas and looks forward to going into partnership with more young entrepreneurs. At the end, she took the participants on a tour of the hotel’s guest rooms and back-of-house areas, including equipment and linen rooms, wardrobe and the floral department, allowing them to understand the operations and management standards of the property.

Held at MGM COTAI, the session was also attended by Lam Ka Vai, Director of PFM Macau and CEO of MYEIC; Ho Mei Va, member of MGM SME Committee; Michelle Chiu, Vice President of Human Resources of MGM; Chui Mei San, Assistant Director of MYEIC; and Joseph Tong, Manager of Supplier Relations of MGM.