Japan, Fumio Kishida, reopen to small tours

Japan may be looking to reopen its borders to small groups of vaccinated tourists as early as this month as part of a trial program. 

According to Fuji News, the government is targeting foreigners who have completed three vaccinations and would be open to small-group package tours with pre-determined itineraries. 

Should the trial go well, it would be expanded out from June. 

The report comes only a day after Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, during a speech in London, said he is planning to relax the country’s pandemic-related border restrictions from June.

Fumio however stressed that the reopening of borders will also be dependent on how well the country’s pandemic controls hold following the series of public holidays in late April and early May. 

“As soon as June, based on the opinions of experts, we will review coronavirus regulations, including border policies, in stages,” he said. 

“We are still in a period of transition back to normal life.”