Sega Sammy

Sega Sammy has announced that the group is planning to increase its base employee salary by some 22 percent overall, equating to a 15 percent annual salary raise.

The group notes that it has ‘decided to initiate a policy of revising its compensation system with the aim of creating an environment in which employees can maximize their potential and other purposes’.

The group notes that the increase is amongst an environment ‘where the future is difficult to predict and highly uncertain’, hoping that the raise will ‘further stabilize employees income through base increases etc, and realize an environment that facilitates further achievement and self-improvement’.

It also aims to respond to the ‘increasingly diverse and fluid careers and life plans of employees’.

The group is also establishing an ‘in-house university’- Sega Sammy College, expanding its investment in the project to JPY450 million ($3.43 million), a three-fold increase, and adding ‘language education programs to develop culturally diverse human resources’.

The program focuses largely on English and Chinese.