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IDX completes sale of Computer Vision division and X-View product to Kam Tak Asia

IDX, a leading provider of casino solutions, announced today that it has completed the sale of its Computer Vision Division and its X-View product to Kam Tak Asia Ltd.

Kam Tak Asia Ltd. (KTA) is a technology investment firm specializing in emerging technology and AI. This move allows IDX to focus on its core offerings: X-Table, X-Trend, X-Stadium, and X-Bonus.

As part of the agreement, KTA will acquire all assets, and intellectual properties related
to IDX’s X-View Computer Vision System. IDX will no longer be involved in the
development, marketing, or support of this technology.

IDX remains committed to providing comprehensive solutions to its customers, IDX’s X- Table dashboard will continue to include third-party integration to provide a comprehensive casino dashboard solution.

Moving forward, IDX will dedicate its efforts to enhancing its core products:

1. X-Table: A powerful data dashboard for casinos
2. X-Trend: Trend-board solutions for casino operations
3. X-Stadium: Electronic table game (ETG) display solutions
4. X-Bonus: A table games bonusing solution
5. New products to be unveiled at G2E Asia, booth A751

These solutions have proven to be invaluable to casinos, enabling them to enhance
their operations, customer experiences, and drive revenue growth. By focusing on these
core offerings, IDX aims to deliver even greater value to its clients in the casino industry.

“Our decision to focus on our core casino solutions marks an exciting new chapter for
IDX,” said Peter Johns, COO of IDX. “X-Table, X-Trend, X-Stadium, and X-Bonus have proven to be game-changers for our clients, and we’re thrilled to dedicate our resources to further innovating these offerings. By leveraging data from our trusted third-party partners, we’ll continue to empower casinos with the insights they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.”

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