Evaluated on the basis of the criteria brand strength, trend development, brand potential and revenue, NOVOMATIC was ranked second among the ten most valuable brand companies in Austria for the fourth time in a row in this year’s ranking by the European Brand Institute.

It is especially positive that NOVOMATIC, with a brand value increase of +13.6%, was able to record the largest increase within one year among the top 10 most valuable brands in Austria.

With around 23,900 employees worldwide and activities in more than 100 countries, Europe’s leading gaming technology group was able to increase its brand value to EUR 3.446 billion. Only Red Bull ranks ahead of the gaming technology group in Lower Austria in the country’s top brands.

The reasons for this outstanding rating are in particular the continuous growth, the significant increase in revenue and the great commitment to sustainability with the implementation of a comprehensive corporate responsibility and ESG program. In addition, the European Brand Institute surveyed the contribution of brand companies to sustainable development in Austria as part of its Sustainable Brand Rating. NOVOMATIC takes an excellent 4th place in this with an AAA rating.

“The excellent rankings in both the brand value and the sustainable brand ranking once again prove the success of our sustainable corporate strategy, according to which success can only be achieved by embracing our responsibility. Sustainable brands create trust and are an important basis for our business success against the background of the increasing importance of the sustainability dimension”, emphasizes NOVOMATIC Executive Board Member Johannes Gratzl.