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Asia’s betting market outperforms Europe’s by 2.5 times: report

The average bet size in Asia outstrips European averages by 2.5 times and leaves the average bet size of Latin America players trailing behind by more than fourfold, a recent report by iGaming company SOFTSWISS states.

SOFTSWISS analysts studied data from their Casino Platform’s client projects, spanning September 2022 to August 2023, to create profiles of contemporary players across three regions: Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Citing data from the platform, the company also described other traits that differentiated Asian punters from European and LatAm players, such as a far greater prevalence of players who prefer mobile betting, at 71.6 percent.

At the same time the percentage of female players in Asia is significantly lower, comprising just 6.2 percent, with those aged 31 to 40 the most commonly found group placing bets, and with slot games dominating the market, accounting for over 80 percent of all games.

European high bets and strong female participation

Meanwhile, The European iGaming market consistently ranked top in terms of revenue generation and financial performance.

According to the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform data, Europe boasts eight times the number of active players compared to LatAm and a staggering 18-fold increase compared to Asia.

At the same time, 68.3 percent of European players favor mobile devices for placing their bets, with the average bet size nearly doubling that of Latin America but still behind the Asian figure.

Europe was also the leader in the number of female players (18.11 percent), closely followed by LatAm, but with Asia lagging significantly behind.

‘SOFTSWISS experts contend that this can be attributed to a heightened level of female engagement in the European economy, which is closely correlated with higher educational attainment and, consequently, improved access to personal income sources,’ the report notes.

Darya Avtukhovich, SOFTSWISS, Asia’s betting market outperforms Europe’s by 2.5 times: report
Darya Avtukhovich, SOFTSWISS

Darya Avtukhovich, Head of the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, commented in the report release that one of the important aspects for the European market is payment systems.

‘Due to diverse player locations, operators need multiple payment options, which becomes even more complex in regulated markets,’ Avtukhovich pointed out.

LatAm predilection for football

Meanwhile, the LatAm region was described as a promising hub for the iGaming industry, since it has already embraced online casinos and bookmaker regulation is witnessing steady growth.

According to the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform data, in LatAm, 69.2 percent of active players use mobile devices to place bets in online casinos, slightly exceeding the equivalent figure in Europe.

However, players from Latin America place the lowest bets compared to other analyzed regions, and had a larger interest in sports betting, especially football.

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