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JCM Global: Providing a full technology roadmap


In 2022, casinos of all sizes need a true technology partner who can listen to their needs and collaborate with them to develop a roadmap with meaningful solutions that will help the property enhance the guest experience, increase efficiencies, and boost security, today and into the future. 

JCM Global, Roadmap

While each customer’s needs are unique, JCM Global’s (JCM) technology roadmap starts with its core product suite, which comprises the award-winning iVIZION bill validator, GEN5 Thermal Printer, and ICB Intelligent Cash Box system. These essential tools establish a powerful foundation from which to build a larger technology infrastructure.

Using iVIZION and GEN5 as a launching pad, JCM’s FUZION is a milestone in total casino peripheral management that boosts security by continually monitoring every peripheral device in each EGM in real-time, protecting against suspicious activity. FUZION is built with a hyper-encrypted data superhighway for fast, secure communication between devices and CMS. 

The new ICB ASAP is a network of four robots and industry-standard automation devices and automates the count room, dramatically enhancing productivity in four crucial areas: reducing human contact, strengthening security, improving throughput, and increasing reliability. 

Leading count/sort equipment from Cash Processing Solutions (CPS) and CPS’s ECM software is a complete count room solution proven to increase cash box processing speed and reliability, bring more visibility over the operation, and enhance security. The software integrates with ICB so that all asset details and cash box contents are communicated directly to the CPS software.

A full casino technology roadmap from JCM will position operations of all sizes for success. What else would you expect from the gaming industry’s 3rd largest systems provider and a company born from innovation? Contact JCM for more information.

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