AGEM Index, rises by 4.1 percent monthly in July

The AGEM Index, published by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, saw a solid rise in July, rising by 4.1 percent month-on-month and 26.7 percent yearly.

During the month, 10 of the 12 companies on the index saw their stock prices increase, the largest contributor of which was Konami – who saw a 6 percent increase, and a 1.6 percent yearly rise.

Aristocrat likewise saw an increase, of 1.6 percent, helping further bolster the index. The company’s stock has increased 11.4 percent compared to July of 2022.

The strongest negative contribution to the index was Inspired Entertainment, with a 14.4 percent monthly drop, despite a 21.8 percent yearly rise in its stock price.

During the month, all three major stock indices saw monthly increases, with the NASDAQ up 4 percent month-on-month, while the S&P grew by 3.1 percent and the Dow Jones rose by 3.4 percent compared to June.