Pokies reform survey

The New South Wales government on Wednesday announced it is seeking community feedback on gaming machine reforms proposed in 2018.

The focus was on capping machine numbers in high-risk communities and allowed a scheme to encourage small venues to go “pokies free”.

The survey will form part of a formal evaluation by Liquor & Gaming NSW, and would allow the public and interested stakeholders to give their views to help shape future policy decisions, it said. 

Executive Director Policy & Strategy for Better Regulation Division, John Tansey, said local community caps were an appropriate response to concerns that some areas were at greater risk of gambling-related harm. 

“These areas were capped three years ago to ensure no additional machines could be moved into these areas, and we want to see how effective they have been in reducing gambling harms,” Tansey added.

“The NSW Government is keen to hear from the community, so we are conducting a survey to help inform our evaluation. We will also be inviting venue operators with GMEs to complete a separate online survey.