Crown Resorts, Barangaroo, Sydney

The NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) on Monday said that the suspension of Crown Sydney gaming license is still in place and that its stance “has not changed.”

In May, ILGA had said that Crown Sydney was on track to open its casino in Sydney at the end of October after making “significant” progress in its efforts to regain suitability for a license.

“We’ve extended the liquor licence until the end of October,” said ILGA Chairman Philip Crawford at the time. “And I think you can assume that we are hopeful and-or confident that the opening of the gaming rooms will happen well in advance of the end of October.”

However, whilst the ILGA has extended the liquor licenses for Crown’s Barangaroo resort past October to June 2022, the regulator has dampened hopes for the opening of the casino. 

“ILGA’s position on Crown Sydney’s gaming operations has not changed, with the Authority still monitoring and assessing Crown’s responses to the issues arising from the Bergin Report.

 “These issues are complex, and Crown is required to undertake significant change to satisfy the Authority that it is on a pathway to become suitable to hold a gaming licence.

 “It will take further time for Crown to fully implement that change and for the Authority to give it proper consideration before making its determination.”