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Tabcorp and Preston Hotel charged for allowing underage gambling


The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) has charged Tabcorp and the Preston Hotel for allowing a minor to gamble, as investigations continue into other venues.

Allegations surfaced that staff at the Preston Hotel allowed a 16-year-old to access electronic betting terminals and gamble on six separate occasions in May and September of 2022.

The VGCCC started an investigation after receiving a complaint that a minor was allowed to gamble at a casino.

According to a press release, the VGCCC mentions that Preston Hotel is set to face 15 charges, six for allowing a minor to gamble and failing to oversee its electronic betting terminals properly, and three for allowing a minor to enter a gaming machine area. If found guilty, the hotel could face a maximum fine of 1,200 penalty units, which amounts to AU$221,904 ($150,000).

Tabcorp, holder of a Victorian state Wagering and Betting license, faces eight charges, including four counts of allowing a minor to gamble and four counts of failing to supervise a gambling vending machine reasonably. If found guilty, the company could be subject to a maximum fine of 560 penalty units, amounting to AU$103,505 ($70,000).

The VGCCC is continuing to investigate other potential venues, possibly bringing more charges against those involved.

“It is deeply concerning that a minor was able to access betting terminals and gamble on multiple occasions,” said VGCCC Gambling Director Glorija Kuzman.

“All gambling operators – including venues and the holder of the state-wide Wagering and Betting license – have an irrefutable legal requirement to do everything they can to stop children from gambling,” added the official. 

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