Medical professionals are calling for the closure of offshore casinos, which they claim could be one of the “superspreaders” of the Covid-19 virus.

According to sources speaking to the Herald Goa, offshore casinos have not had to heed to the night curfew imposed on other Goa residents and businesses, allowing those visiting casino to disembark three times during the supposed curfew. 

“Cases have already emerged from the casinos. It has also spread as they come in contact with so many people. Shutting it down temporarily can help reduce cases to a certain level rather than thinking about economic activity. If there is life, there will be business and earning,” said a health professional. 

India has become the latest major hotspot of the global pandemic, with nearly half a billion cases estimated across the country. 

Health professionals call for temporary halt of ‘super spreader’ casinos (Herald Goa)