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JCM brings Fuzion to G2E’20


While JCM Global’s booth at G2E 2020 may be virtual, its award-winning and patented solutions are ready to make the real-world casino industry more efficient, more secure, and more profitable. JCM will show a robust collection of solutions for note and ticket validation, total casino peripheral management, promotional couponing, the count room, and digital signage.
Visitors to JCM’s booth begin their journey with JCM’s collection of bill validators that have earned multiple patents and set worldwide standards. Leading the industry in note and ticket validation is JCM’s iVIZION® family of bill validators, which sees better, thinks smarter, and runs faster, making it the perfect solution for casinos of all sizes. JCM’s UBA® Pro protects operators with optical and mechanical sensing technology combined with JCM’s patented anti-stringing technology. Working in coordination with JCM’s bill validators, the ICB® Intelligent Cash Box System eliminates human error with automatically recorded cash box totals for increased accuracy and compliance.
Total casino peripheral management is possible with JCM’s FUZION technology. GLI-certified, FUZION is an award-winning breakthrough. When paired with JCM’s iVIZION bill validator and GEN5™ Thermal Printer, FUZION meets multiple business needs. Driven by FUZION technology, JCM solutions are involved in every aspect of the casino: audit, count room, entertainment, F&B, marketing, race and sports, security, slot operations, surveillance, table games – giving operators intelligence, security, and integrated transaction management no other supplier can provide.
FUZION monitors every EGM in real time for peripheral performance and suspicious activity. Security can finally track asset to transaction with available high-resolution images of every note or ticket inserted into the EGM. Drop management is tracked in real-time and can dynamically adjust which cash boxes should be collected.
Additionally, players who want a contactless transaction solution can use the iTITO module on FUZION with their own mobile device. Using NFC (near field communication) technology, iTITO allows players to virtualize a TITO ticket and securely transfer those funds from their mobile wallet to an EGM for game play.
JCM’s industry-leading promotional couponing solutions PromoNet® and CouponXpress™ define the category. PromoNet is scalable, flexible, and smartly based on monitoring and rewarding player behavior. It gives operators the power to target specific players, specific areas of the casino, or the entire casino. CouponXpress brings promotional coupon printing to the cashier’s cage, hotel front desk, unattended kiosks, and other transaction points.
Next, JCM’s industry-leading cash management solutions bring efficiencies and security to count rooms of all sizes. ECM™ Edge integrates all cash handling areas and connects to casino accounting software for complete cash management, full visibility, control, and traceability. The 7000i Edge™ has an astounding throughput of up to 2,000 banknotes per minute and a high-resolution camera system, in-pocket banding and bundling, and automatic feeding. The V Edge™ next-generation compact sorter can process up to 1,200 banknotes per minute. Seamless integration with casino accounting software enables accurate TITO and 2D ticket tracking and reporting. The X Edge™ provides high-capacity desktop banknote sorting to small count rooms and cage operations.
JCM’s mind-blowing digital signage solutions are custom designed for your unique needs. JCM’s digital signage solutions enhance the player experience like never before with immersive and awe-inspiring visuals. Hi-definition, completely programmable, and easily serviceable, JCM digital display solutions are perfect for every size operation.
Last, TITA brings all the functionality of an ATM and a redemption kiosk to live table games. TITA increases transaction options with debit card POS and banknote/TITO validation, gives operators greater oversight with live transaction management, and reduces contact points, fills, and lines when players convert chips to TITO tickets before leaving the table.
Visit JCM’s booth at virtual G2E and get the products every operator needs for real-world efficiency, security, and profitability.

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