Good Morning. The world of ChatGPT extends much further than you would expect, with applications across the board for gaming companies. While AI is still on the upswing, insiders note that it’s time to learn the tool inside-out, as practical applications continue to multiply. And in Macau, Citigroup is estimating revenues for July that break pre-COVID levels, enmeshing the city as Asia’s gaming capital.

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What you need to know

  • ChatGPT and AI are breaking the boundaries of gaming frontiers, offering a wealth of options to target and deliver.
  • Macau’s gaming revamp continues, with expectations that July revenues will top $2 billion as visitors return in droves.

On the radar

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ChatGPT-like tools to fuel continual industry growth

Experts point out that artificial intelligence tools will be driving the industry forward, whether in design, marketing, efficiency or beyond. Finding the proper prompts and properly directing the focus will be elemental in the desired end product, and as users adapt, so will the technology.

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