Good Morning. A total ban of POGOs will have divided views among senators, Minority Leader says. China Embassy is organizing the repatriation of the first batch of detainees. S1E4, Suncity IT head confesses to developing bet multiplying system – Alvin still has no recollection.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: POGO ban divides Philippines Senate

What you need to know

  • POGO divides Philippes Senate as support grows for a change in existing policy, rules and regulations and enforcement.
  • Alvin Chau’s ex-colleagues confess Suncity was operating a multiple bet racket, but Alvin has no recollection of the same.

On the radar

  • RGB Macau subsidiary posts $59m order from local client.
  • Playtech net revenue for 1H22 up 71 percent at €792.3m.

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POGO ban divides Philippines Senate

Proposing the total ban the POGOs will have divided views among senators, Minority Leader says. “There is an overwhelming support for a change in the existing policy, and a change in the existing rules and regulations, as well as a change in the existing attitude in law enforcement,” Minority Leader Pimentel told local media, adding that personally, he wants POGO to be totally banned in the country. The Philippines Department of Justice officials met the Chinese Embassy representatives on Thursday to map out the repatriation plan for the detained POGO workers. Activists call for fair treatment of foreign workers as OFW would expect abroad.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: POGO ban divides Philippines Senate

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