Good Morning. Macau’s gaming operators will have to flex their collective muscles as they’re expected to do the “heavy lifting” in the city’s diversification efforts, notes an expert. Current non-gaming GDP expectations are unrealistic, barring more concrete efforts to bridge public and private interests. Also in Macau, the mass-led recovery continues, as Galaxy sees mass market table drop surpass 2019 levels in 2Q23.

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Macau, Ruins of St. Paul

“Heavy lifting” expected from operators: consultant

Macau’s six gaming concessionaires will largely be expected to do the “heavy lifting” in diversifying the city’s economy, notes gaming executive Kevin Clayton. Current government expectations for non-gaming’s GDP contribution to reach 60 percent of GDP by 2028 are unrealistic, unless a new entity is created to help bridge public and private interests, such as a Macau Tourism Corporation, suggests the insider.

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