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Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Australian gaming market faces new regulatory hurdles

Good Morning. Credit card deposits into online gaming accounts in Australia could account for about a third of total deposits and a general ban would have a considerable impact in the industry, consultant Geoff Wohlsen, told AGB in an interview. However, the ban could still be challenged successfully to the country’s High Court, the gaming industry veteran added. Meanwhile, stocks received a boost as the US Federal Reserve announced a stop to almost 2 years of constant interest rate hikes, including several gaming company stocks.

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The challenges in front of the Australian gaming market

Consultant and gaming industry veteran, Geoff Wohlsen, debated the state of Australian gaming regulation with AGB, including the impact of a ban on credit card deposits into online gaming accounts. With credit cards possibly accounting for a third of total deposits, the curb could have a considerable impact in the industry. Still, an appeal could be successfully filed to the country’s High Court.

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