Dallmeier “CAT” helps keep players loyal

Dallmeier “CAT” helps keep players loyal

Capturing data from table games such as Baccarat or Blackjack is quite difficult compared to digitalized systems like slot machines. However accurate data is paramount in any casino loyalty program: Players need to be treated fairly and fraud and overpaying needs to be kept in check. The combination of AI-based analytics techniques and video technology offers promising solutions for casinos to track table games and rate players accurately.

Automated and informed table management is an essential component for risk mitigation, business intelligence and fraud protection. For this, “Table gaming automation” systems based on video technology and AI – like Dallmeier’s Casino Automation Technology (CAT) –continuously monitor and analyse games and table performance, provide data on bet position and bet frequency and performs fraud probability tests.

Furthermore, such systems facilitate the precise detection and analysis of all the relevant KPIs for the table management such as game pace information, yield management with gaming floor table data or occupancy/utilization ratio to name just a few.

One of the most profit-optimizing benefits of such technology is solving some of the inherent challenges in today´s loyalty programs. One of them is the lack of accuracy: Expenses and stakes are often inaccurately or not at all assigned to the player when the dealer is manually crediting the turnover. Dallmeier’s CAT AI-based recognition of chip values allows the automatic capture and allocation of the number of hands played and the average value of bets placed, for example.

The result is a real-time, in-depth analysis based on stack value, pay-outs and buy-ins as well as monitoring of chip collection. This data allows the casino operators to attain a thorough understanding of the players’ behaviour and activities, helping to determine the value of the players, increase accuracy of loyalty programs and eventually increase efficiency and profitability of casino operations.