Cashless gaming: Is it now more relevant than ever?

Cashless gaming

Our view is that the progression to cashless is both logical and inevitable; notwithstanding which, in specific relation to the current global pandemic, as long as we all utilise our best endeavours to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, both cashless, and cash gaming, will no doubt continue side-by-side for some time to come.

Whilst almost all operators advocate cashless wholeheartedly, based not only on the increased security associated thereto and the convenience thereof for both themselves and their players, they also unequivocally recognise the importance of their ability to better track and assign game play data to specific players; in so doing providing them with the tools to tailor relevant and compelling value offerings that appropriately reward players, and in turn drive their loyalty.  

The move to cashless also makes commercial sense; whilst the initial cost to issue RFID cards may seem prohibitive, we estimate that once +-100 TITO tickets have been printed, an RFID card has paid for itself. Additional savings include the reduction of expenses related to ticket acceptors and printers; as well as the actual handling of cash and the elimination of the associated hardware required to ‘use’ that cash.

Consumer-centricity and cost-effectiveness though are not mutually exclusive, and it is here where we believe our technology sets us apart. Our patented drSMIBs to which all EGMs, Tables, Cash Desks, etc. are connected ensure that costly servers are no longer required and that all changeovers are quick and ‘painless’ and undertaken with no pre-installation disruptions.

It also ensures unparalleled data redundancy and transactional security, as when any changes are made, all information is automatically synchronized with all other networked drSMIBs.

Additionally, there is a benefit from centralized ticket printer and/or bill validator software downloads; and multi-currency functionality for both slots and table players to ‘buy in’, play, and cash out in their currency of choice at real-time exchange rates.