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Joe Pisano @ Jade: Weighing the travel possibilities


Which show will we attend in the near future? This is the ultimate question. Even more so now we are tasked with handling the challenges of the  “new normal,” with social distancing and an economic scenario like none we have previously experienced. 

Whether we attend in-person events in the not-too-distant future or the wave of digital and online events currently?

I am ready and willing to attend Live events but whether I am able is still unknown. After 18 months of lockdown here in Manila I have Zoom fatigue. As a company we have grown during the lockdown period and almost doubled our workforce. We have received an online sport betting license with which we are now live and we have been awarded a license for e-Sabong with which we will go live on September 7.

Like Jade, I believe other companies have also used this period to recreate and develop new products and services, which you need to touch and feel and learn from those who developed them.

But my main reason for attending live events is to come together with friends and network with new people and sometimes even have a beer. Do I feel comfortable going to a live event? I’m not completely comfortable yet, I have to trust the vaccine and the event organization that I will be safe.

Now the remaining question is, am I able to attend? I will be fully vaccinated so I can tick that box, but flights from Manila are limited and countries also have their own restrictions.

Can I return home after the event, while the Delta Variant might cause harder lockdowns and restrictions? Is it worth coming back to 10 days in a quarantine hotel for a 3-day event?

I would very much like to be at G2E Vegas but at this stage, I might only be able to decide a few days before the event. For future events long term planning is still unknown.

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