Japan’s leading opposition party makes casino abolishment “basic policy”

Japan parliament

The leading opposition party in Japan, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, published a list of its basic or fundamental policies this week, including a pledge to abolish casinos.

The relevant article read, “We will abolish the casino business, which causes an increase in the number of gambling addicts and disturbs public order and morals.”

At all stages in the legalization of the IR business in Japan, it has been done over the fierce objections of all left-of-center political parties in countries, and has only been possible because of the recent political dominance of conservative politicians.

Making the abolishment of casinos one of the fundamental policies of the leading opposition party heralds the possibility that if, in the future, Japan ever has a change of government at the national level, then the IR industry could be in for serious difficulties.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan currently holds 109 seats (23 percent of the total) in the House of Representatives and 43 seats (18 percent of the total) in the House of Councillors.