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Fastex forges partnership with Olympionic Foundation to boost Sports Development


Fastex, a rapidly growing force in the web3 ecosystem renowned for its wide range of features including the Fastex Exchange platform, Fastex Pay crypto payment solutions, Fastexverse virtual 3D reality, and the ftNFT Marketplace, is announcing a groundbreaking memorandum of cooperation with the “Olympionic” Sports Charity Foundation.

Supported by the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports with a
commitment to provide technical, advisory, and media assistance, this partnership aims
to foster sports excellence and improve living conditions for athletes in the Republic of

Fastex Forges Partnership with Olympionic
Foundation to Boost Sports Development in Armenia

Under this strategic alliance, Fastex will contribute up to 5 million Fasttokens (FTN) to
support athletes who secure top-three finishes in official Olympic, Paralympic, and non-
Olympic sports championships, as well as other global and European sports events not
featured in the Olympic program, along with their coaches.

This initiative underscores Fastex’s dedication to encouraging sports success,
enhancing athlete competitiveness, and supporting both current and future generations
of athletes.

Envisioned to last until 2030, this collaboration reflects Fastex’s commitment to
providing a secure, innovative, and regulatory-compliant digital finance environment for
users worldwide, while also nurturing the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement
within Armenia.

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