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President Marcos: Filipino hospitality a pillar of Philippine tourism


Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has emphasized the pivotal role of Filipino hospitality in driving the growth of Philippine tourism and fostering overall economic development.

In his latest vlog, President Marcos underscored the warmth ingrained in the Filipino social fabric, urging his fellow Filipinos to exemplify this trait to visitors. He recounted instances where foreign dignitaries positively commented at the hospitality extended to them during their visits to the Philippines, highlighting it as a source of pride for the nation.

State of the Nation Address, Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Philippine president

Filipino hospitality, according to President Marcos, is not merely a characteristic but a vital component of the country’s tourism brand. He emphasized the need to continually enhance and embody this trait, referring to it as an essential element in the journey towards a “New Philippines.” The President also shared anecdotes of how Filipino hospitality shines through during official visits by world leaders, showcasing the nation’s commitment to welcoming guests with open arms.

Meanwhile, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) chairman Alejandro H. Tengco recently stated during an interview with AGB that Manila’s casino tourism will likely focus on an even balance between gambling and non-gambling activities, rather than increasingly prioritize non-gambling attractions in the way Macau is looking to go.

He is also on record as believing that privatization and regulatory reforms should position the country as one of the most attractive gaming jurisdictions, not only in Southeast Asia region, but in the Asian Pacific sphere in the near and middle term, only surpassed by Macau.

Frank Schuengel
Frank Schuengel
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