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3 AVIATOR alternatives for more earnings: MegaPari


MegaPari, a leading brand in the gambling sector, has been quick to recognize the immense potential of crash games. Not only have the games gained rapid popularity, but they also present a unique opportunity for affiliates to boost their earnings significantly.

So, why hesitate? Customers can elevate their affiliate earnings with crash games and MegaPari – the ultimate partnership for those with big dreams. Clients can explore the three thrilling alternatives to Aviator and seize the opportunity to soar.


Aviatrix stands out as a captivating crash game where players get to create and customize their airplanes. The competitive edge of this game, coupled with the potential for impressive prizes, makes it a prime choice for players seeking innovation.


Developed by Pragmatic Play, Spaceman adds a charming space-themed dimension to the crash game genre. Pragmatic Play’s reputation for high-quality slots enhances the appeal of Spaceman, providing affiliates with a premium game to promote. The visually appealing design and engaging gameplay make it an attractive option for affiliates aiming to diversify their marketing strategies.


“Crash,” presented by Megagames at MegaPari, is an innovative marvel that preserves a familiar gameplay concept while unveiling a breathtakingly original design. As players seek new visual experiences, affiliates promoting Crash can tap into this demand.

Affiliates looking to maximize their revenue streams should take advantage of the growing interest in crash games on MegaPari. By strategically promoting Aviatrix, Spaceman, and Crash, affiliates can diversify their offerings, appeal to a broader audience, and ultimately boost their commissions.

Already, 20,000 partners are experiencing success with Megapari. Register now to become a part of a thriving community and unlock earning potential! For collaboration proposals, contact [email protected].

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