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Bloomberry Resorts well prepared for opening of Solaire North in late May 

The Philippines’ land-based casino leader, Bloomberry Resorts Corp, says that it is well-prepared for its second integrated resort project – Solaire Resort North, set to open in late May.

Speaking at the ASEAN Gaming Summit on Tuesday, President and COO of Bloomberry Resorts Corp, Thomas Arasi, shared the company’s journey in the past years, describing the company as a phoenix that rose from the ashes of the pandemic challenges.

“We not only survived an unprecedented phenomenon, but our industry also transformed itself into a much more compelling force. This isn’t merely a story of resilience. It’s a clear demonstration of our collective spirit and our shared determination to overcome even the most unforeseen obstacles.”

“The road was flawed with hurdles and uncharted territory. Even the most experienced among us was under. Sometimes we panicked, but ultimately persevered. Yet, we’re here, united, having emerged not just intact, but invigorated.”

Arasi believes that the unique corporate culture that cherishes the employees is the key to further driving the firm’s success.

Solaire Resort North is located in Quezon City, which is expected to solidify Solaire’s position as a leader in luxury entertainment while offering an elevated resort experience to clientele in the metropolis’ northern areas.

Solaire Resorts North, Philippines

At 1.5 hectares, Solaire Resort North stands at 38 floors, involving a $1 billion investment. The new Quezon City resort stands at 38 floors, offering a panoramic view of the urban landscape and bustling metropolis, while delivering a blend of modern sophistication and class.

The investment bank Morgan Stanley predicted in the note that Solaire North is expected to be a main contributor to the company’s revenue from the second half of this year.

 Bloomberry has recorded impressive results in 2023, driven by the mass segment, its consolidated net income increased by 85 percent to PHP9.5 billion ($170 million) for 2023. Additionally, Bloomberry Resorts’ flagship property, Solaire, recorded a surge in all segments, including VIP, mass table, and EGM.

Viviana Chan
Viviana Chan
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