Chances are, you’ll be hacked – do you have a Cybersecurity plan?

Cybersecurity starts at Board level all the way through the diligent training of staff and the implementation of solid AI/ machine learning protocols, in a never-ending quest to safeguard your operation, industry stakeholders convening at ASEAN 2022 shared.

The number of attacks has grown parallel with the industry’s pivoting to a remote work environment while the level of sophistication of the attacks reaches new heights. The discussion aimed at raising awareness for cybersecurity as most likely, it will happen to you too, and you need to be prepared.

Insights shared by Peter Williams and Leon Allen from Continent 8, Weiyang Wang and Kevin Hsin from Gaia, moderated by NYCE CEO Harmen Brenninkmeijer. The footage is tagged for your ease of reference.

  • 03:48 – Unprecedented massive attacks (Continent 8)
  • 07:58 – DDoS defence strategy (Gaia)
  • 13:18 – Cyber Risk scoring card (NYCE)
  • 15:49 – Probably not gonna happen to me
  • 18:36 – AI lead End Point Security
  • 21:11 – Diligent training of staff
  • 23:32 – Attack sophistication, ransom
  • 26:13 – Stigma from the breached
  • 31:24 – Cybersecurity starts at board level
  • 32:46 – Engaging with traditional management
  • 36:46 – Risk will grow, but so will the technology

The report is part of an ASEAN 2022 series, bringing you discussions around the industry’s challenges and opportunities at the in person event in Manila. Tune in tomorrow for the Philippines Regional operators’ Property Updates.