Ready or not, cashless is here, and it’s not just about payment solutions

Industry stakeholders convening at ASEAN 2022 to discuss how to make cashless work argue that the technology isn’t just about payments but transcends into operations by further connecting the property with the customer.

The insights were shared at the in-person event by Yolo Investments Steve Tsao, nChain Nick Hill, 113 East Chris Rogers, and moderated by SenSen Networks Heather Scheibenstock.

Cashless is a disruptive technology that is available now and the industry needs to embrace to it’s full potential and not just as a payment gateway solution, the panel argued. The coverage is tagged for your ease of reference.

  • 05:18 – I think you’re on mute
  • 08:59 – Frictionless environment
  • 13:04 – Regulatory outlook
  • 16:47 – From TITO to cardless
  • 17:59 – Not leaving anybody behind
  • 20:38 – Pick your digital wallet
  • 25:54 – Customer harm minimization
  • 30:44 – Not Everything, for Everyone

The report is part of an ASEAN 2022 series, bringing you discussions around the industry’s challenges and opportunities at the in-person event in Manila. Tune in tomorrow for the discussion around Cybersecurity.