MegaPari is a rapidly rising star in the casino world, poised to compete with well-established brands. With an impressive portfolio of slot games, the brand provides a wide range of options; however, crash games have become a particular favorite among its user base.

In a recent interview with AGB, Daniel Long, the CCO of QTech Games, shared his thoughts on the emerging trends in the gaming industry: “Crash games – it’s a unique concept as it’s not so much a game of luck, but rather a game of skill. The belief that it’s a skill-based game means the payout seems more justifiable, which has led to a substantial uptake of these games”.

Echoing Daniel Long’s insights, Kristine, the Head of Retention at MegaPari, added her perspective. “We completely agree that crash games haven’t just caught people’s attention; they’re becoming a lasting favorite. These games offer players a unique kind of engagement, immersing them in a world where they feel a sense of control, directly impacting the game’s outcome and, consequently, their winnings.”

Crash games are very popular on MegaPari, so the company often has special offers for these games.

Recently MegaPari organized a big lottery centered on the Crash game, with each draw offering a 5,000-euro prize pool. In addition, every Sunday, MegaPari entices Aviator enthusiasts with 60 free spins. Furthermore, the platform is now hosting the Aviatrix Tournament, which boasts a prize pool of €1,000,000!

As MegaPari continues its expansion, the company is on the lookout for potential collaborations. If you believe in our vision and see an opportunity for a partnership, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]