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A defense lawyer for the CNMI’s Department of Finance says that one of the two Saipan e-gaming firms that have filed a lawsuit against the government has provided conflicting financial information to the court.

Assistant Attorney General Keisha Blaise said MP Holdings, which operates as Saipan Vegas, provided a different set of figures to those given in its application for a license, local media reports. 

“Specifically, the revenues, expenses, and net profits shown in records submitted to the Enforcement and Regulatory Branch are entirely different than those provided by Saipan Vegas in the profit and loss statements submitted to the court,” she said. “These documents show such wide discrepancies in plaintiffs’ reports that the accuracy and veracity of the profit and loss statements should be called into question, especially considering plaintiffs’ lack of supporting documentation.”

The gaming firms have filed a lawsuit against the government in an attempt to block a proposal that will double their license fees. They argue that they will suffer irreparable harm if the hikes are implemented.