A single entry and exit limit imposed on certain Zhuhai-Macau border crossings has been extended until April 30th – encompassing Macau’s main border crossing (Gongbei), as well as the Qingmao port.

This is the fourth extension after the measure was implemented in August of last year, however the limitation does not extend to Macau’s land-link to Hong Kong – the HKZM bridge, the Hengqin port or the largely locally-used Wanzai ferry.

Both the HZKM and Hengqin port have been designated as the transit points for mainland Chinese tour groups so the extension should not affect the groups’ travel once authorized by mainland authorities and confirmed by Macau.

According to information from Chinese authorities, Zhuhai saw some 1.81 million border crossings during the Chinese New Year holiday, up 66.7 percent yearly, despite the limitation in place.

The majority of these took place at the Gongbei border, totaling 1.09 million, up nearly 40 percent yearly.