Visitors to Macau during the fourth quarter of 2022 primarily chose to spend their money on shopping, according to recent official data which excludes gaming spend.

While shopping took up 62.5 percent of the total spend, food and beverage made up 17.2 percent and accommodation comprised just 14.1 percent.

Visitors who came to Macau just to shop spent some MOP2,337 ($288), mainly focused on cosmetics and perfumes.

Visitors coming for vacation spent an average of MOP5,650 ($698).

But total visitor spend during the quarter saw a drop, of 23.5 percent, to MOP4.83 billion ($597 million), due to a drop in visitor numbers.

The main drop was seen in same-day visitor spend – MOP709 million ($87.63 million), while overnight visitors spent MOP4.12 billion ($509.23 million).

Per capita spending during the quarter for day-trippers was MOP1,188 ($147), while that of overnight visitors was MOP5,572 ($688).

The increased spend by overnight visitors has been the primary reason the government is offering promotional packages for those who stay more than one night.