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Chinese Movements During Golden Week [Infographic]

Chinese Movements During Golden Week [Infographic]

Insights from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt, China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI)

Before September 23, only citizens of Guangdong could get IVS visas to get to Macau – taking around ten days to get one.

For many in China, it has not been easy to get an IVS visa in time for the October Golden Week holidays, which was probably done purposefully to balance between helping Macau boost its tourists (and casino visitors) as a reward for “good” behavior (as opposed to Hong Kong) and on the other hand prevent Macau from being overrun by Mainland tourists – possibly creating a new virus hot-spot and spreading the virus all over China with the returning visitors.

In August, Macau had 200,000 visitors, this was already more than the rest of the world together saw of Mainland Chinese tourists during that month.
It is not, as some Western media have said because the Chinese do not dare to travel. With 637 million domestic trips during Golden Week, it shows that people are not afraid to travel and most people are not too poor to do it.
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