Creating the trends with Sega Sammy Creation

Sega Sammy Holdings unloads most of its amusement facilities

Sega Sammy is excited to announce two new games to its Standalone ETG “Maximum Fortune” series: “Roulette Maximum Fortune” and “Sic-Bo Maximum Fortune”. This series offers a proven game concept, in which players can create their own game history and game trends.

This feature appeals to all players, including the ever-important high-average bet player. Our first game “Baccarat Maximum Fortune” has been a consistently strong performer in all its initial installations.

The “Maximum Fortune” series features the “Quick Result Display” function that allows players to quickly see game results without actually placing a bet. This enables players to advance the game history trend until the desirable results appear. This unique game function offers a completely new way of playing these ever-popular casino games. The players actually can create the game history then bet big when they feel lucky. This function is also a new solution to an age-old table games issue that players tend to leave the table or do not bet at all when the trend is not to their liking.

Other features include: clear and detailed game history with four modes – Roulette & Sic-Bo; Spinning the wheel with win amounts displayed on the pockets- Roulette; Odds up – Sic-Bo; Reveal Dice function – Sic-Bo, where players can remove the covers from each die from left to right after betting. It provides players the same excitement as squeezing cards in Baccarat.

“Standalone ETGs are in high demand across the world as COVID-19 influences how people behave and play,” said Masahiro Kurosaki, managing director at SEGA SAMMY CREATION. “Player preferences are shifting to ETGs from table games to keeping physical distancing with other players. Although we are facing difficult times, we are happy to support our gaming operators with our unique ETG series, which enables them to utilize its whole range of flexibility, and configurability on their gaming floors, so that all their players can enjoy it’s unique functions”.