Konami’s gaming arm has recorded a 49.2 percent increase in its revenue in the nine months ended December 31st, topping JPY27.86 billion ($216.87 million).

Business profit for the segment was also up, by 53.8 percent yearly, topping JPY3.88 billion ($30.21 million).

The group notes that its North American and Australian casino markets ‘returned to its pre-COVID-19 level’, but that ‘some countries and regions are still affected by the […] pandemic’, however ‘the market as a whole is on the road to recovery’.

Global supply chain disruptions did affect the company during the period, but the group was able to improve profitability in the segment ‘due to various cost reduction initiatives’.

During the period, the group also introduced a new Money Kilp product for cashless casinos under its casino management system arm, while continuing to roll out its DIMENSION slots in North America and Australia.

During the period, the registered some JPY27.57 billion ($214.49 million) in profit, a yearly fall of nearly 35 percent, while revenue actually increased by 5.5 percent, to JPY226.87 billion ($1.76 billion).

The group’s gaming segment saw the largest yearly increase in revenue, with its digital entertainment arm growing just 1.6 percent annually, but bringing in the majority of the group’s revenue, at JPY153.95 billion ($1.19 billion).

The group’s second-largest segment, Sports, earned JPY30.69 billion ($262.42 million), up 9.9 percent annually.

The group’s Amusement arm actually saw a 23 percent drop in revenue during the reporting period, totaling just JPY10.55 billion ($82.17 million).