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Over 200 arrested by Hong Kong Police due to illegal gambling


Hong Kong Police conducted a major operation against the city’s triad groups last week. During the operation, 202 individuals were arrested for engaging in illegal gambling, and nearly HK$2 million ($256,000) in cash and chips were seized.

According to a report, the 202 suspects, consisting of 148 men and 54 women aged between 14 and 78 years, had ties to triad organizations.

During a press conference, a Hong Kong Police spokesperson stated that the objective of the operation was to combat illegal activities associated with a triad organization within the city and to cut off its source of income.

The two-day operation involved investigations at approximately 40 locations, including arcades, illegal gambling dens, unlicensed bars, and private clubs.

The leader of the triad group in question was also apprehended.

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