Jumbo releases new products at G2E ASIA Online

Jumbo, G2E Asia, ARK-65

COVID-19 has prompted faster digital transformation among companies. How to stand out in the global market has become the main issue for businesses and countries across the globe. As the world is still under the threat of the pandemic, Jumbo Technology has been unable to attend trade shows abroad. Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia is an online marketplace for gaming and entertainment vendors worldwide to interact and communicate with one another. Through this platform, Jumbo Technology demonstrated its latest products and games. 

The expo was held online on May 25. Allen Hsu, Associate Vice President Jumbo, said, “We appreciate G2E Asia for providing this platform to let us align with the global trend, and release our new products online without being restricted by the epidemic. Clients and audiences around the world get to participate in this grand activity.”

This year, Jumbo’s ARK-65 GLI Six-Seater Multiplayer Fishing Game was the highlight that caught people’s eyes. Immediately upon release, it became one of the products that gained popularity in the industry. The new game, Ocean Phoenix, features the Mighty Phoenix, the Elegant Mermaid, the Ancient Crocodile, and the Flawless Octopus. With the feedback from the players and the advancement by the R&D team, the game has been improved to provide an unprecedented gaming experience. When the players successfully capture the Phoenix, players will be pampered with dazzling visuals as the phoenix soars high into the universe by leveraging special effects. The Elegant Mermaid is the ocean goddess of love. Upon successful capture, the elegant Mermaid will play the harp and bubble up all the species on the field, awarding players with many points.

On top of that, one cannot miss many other jackpot link games by Jumbo. Jumbo launched this year the Money Bull of the Jin Fa Cai jackpot link with a 43-inch curved screen. It symbolizes fortune in the year of the Ox, which conquers difficulties and brings good luck. Spin & Stack was added in the game to let players collect coins to trigger higher levels of challenges. In the Fortune Treasure and Golden Horse Treasure of the Long Yi Fa jackpot link, Hold & Spin was added and that has proved highly popular among players. It is expected that these types of games will become hot products at casinos in Asia.

Other than the fishing games and jackpot link games, Jumbo also released the new J-Multi series for the Multi-Game ETG. It provides more betting options for Baccarat, Roulette, and Sicbo. In particular, augmented reality (AR) was added to the J-Multi roulette. It allows players to better pick up random pay and the betting situation in each game. 

At the expo, Jumbo’s business partners also showcased new functions for casino management systems, which include a bonus system that connects the bonus systems across casinos to quicken the accumulation of the bonus; The customized marketing campaigns allow gaming suppliers to flexibly arrange the schedule to attract more players; Operational advice, including risk control, is provided for gaming businesses.