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FBM Xtreme vision for the slots of the future


FBM is launching FBM Xtreme – a new brand that expresses the ambition of the land-based slots segment! After a few years developing spin reel games for different markets across the world, FBM wants to reinforce the commitment with this specific game type by launching FBM Xtreme – a brand that personalizes its vision to develop the slots of the future.

The first chapters of FBM´s history in the casino industry are deeply connected with bingo games. Nowadays video bingo is still the highest-profile game type for FBM, as it is the leader in different markets. A few years ago, the brand started its slots adventure and, since then, it has developed several titles and product lines – Ways, Easy$Link and Multi-Game.

Rui Francisco, FBM´s founder, explains the reason behind the creation of FBM Xtreme. “We are a full solution provider performing in the casino industry for more than 20 years with success. After expanding FBM´s video bingo footprint in different geographies with an innovative approach, we intend to build a similar legacy in the slots segment. This vanguardist, futurist, evolutionist and bold vision that we have for the slots products is the reason behind the creation of the FBM Xtreme brand”, affirms the FBM founder.

FBM Xtreme wants to transfer four main pillars from its brand to the product: future, evolution, vanguard, boldness. The FBM Xtreme brand will be visible in all the slots games developed by FBM for the landbased universe. The casino cabinets will also have an appointment referring to this new brand. The slots segment is a priority for FBM in 2021, and the Multi-Game expansion in several markets is the proof of this commitment.

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