Full visibility for operators

When JCM Global introduced its FUZION technology, it sparked a revolution in casino peripheral management. Now GLI-certified, FUZION is an award-winning breakthrough that, when paired with JCM’s iVIZION bill validator and GEN5 Thermal Printer, provides information to operators that is not available with any other system.

FUZION continually monitors every peripheral device in each EGM in real time to help keep the casino running at peak efficiency and guard against suspicious activity. For example, with FUZION, finance and security can track asset to transaction with available high-resolution images of each note or ticket inserted into the EGM.

FUZION increases uptime and revenues with its dynamic real-time monitoring of iVIZION and GEN5. This allows FUZION to proactively notify the operator for predictive e-drops and TITO ticket fills, instead of operators acting responsively to an EGM out-of-service notification.

Perfect for today’s world, the iTITO module of FUZION enables operators to offer contactless payment technology for their players who want a mobile transaction option. FUZION uses TITO as a base – a technology regulators, operators, and players are comfortable with – and uses NFC technology – a technology banks and FinTech companies worldwide are comfortable with. That means gaming regulators can view the iTITO solution as a familiar, secure option.

Using their own mobile device, a player can virtualize a TITO ticket and securely transfer those funds from their mobile wallet to an EGM for game play. It’s all powered by JCM’s Mobile I/O NFC (near field communication) technology, a proven, reliable, and secure technology solution.

Driven by FUZION technology, JCM solutions are involved in every aspect of the casino: audit, count room, entertainment, F&B, marketing, race and sports, security, slot operations, surveillance, table games – giving operators intelligence, security, and interconnected transactions no other supplier can provide.