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Macau target of 5.5k daily cyberattacks in 2022


Macau was the target of over 5,000 daily cyberattacks in 2022, the SAR’s authorities have announced, noting that the damages caused by the attacks has actually gone down.

According to TDM Canal Macau, the bureau responsible for tracking the cyberattacks registered an average of 5,500 daily attacks, however only 37 were successful in causing damage – a 40 percent yearly drop.

The figure is still a 13.4 percent yearly increase in overall attacks, authorities note.

The broadcaster notes that during the first four months of 2023, the number of cyberattacks has dropped, with authorities saying that the technical level of local operators has been increasingly – saying that the current talent pool is sufficient to handle the level of attacks.

Macau, Hong Kong and mainland China launched early this year plans for further cooperation in cybersecurity, including reporting systems, which are expected to use AI, however specific details on the cooperation have yet to be announced.

While authorities are compiling a report on cyberattacks that targeted Macau last year, they say that this document will not be made available to the public, due to sensitive data.

Authorities did not provide a breakdown of which attacks targeted gaming operators, if any.

Cybersecurity has been an increasingly discussed topic, as hackers evolve and discover new avenues – such as the GoAnywhere third-party file transfer software hack that targeted Crown Resorts.

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