JCM: FUZION sets new standards

Fuzion by JCM

Total casino peripheral management is possible with JCM’s FUZION systems technology. GLI-certified, FUZION is an award-winning breakthrough that sets new standards in security, efficiency, and guest experience. When paired with JCM’s iVIZION bill validator and GEN5 Thermal Printer, FUZION meets multiple business needs.

The FUZION system increases security because it monitors every EGM in real time for peripheral performance and suspicious activity. Security departments can finally track asset-to-transaction with available high-resolution images of every note or ticket inserted into the EGM.

FUZION brings new efficiencies across the operation. With FUZION, cash box totals are tracked in real-time, and this reporting can dynamically adjust which cash boxes should be collected to streamline the slot floor drop. FUZION also provides intelligence for predictive maintenance and firmware download scheduling.

FUZION enhances the customer experience in several ways. FUZION enables multi-currency acceptance, plus it enables the server to record image scans of bills and tickets to easily resolve last bill disputes. The connection to the GEN5 printer allows a ticket template creator and graphics printing to produce endless ticket formats and drive player behavior with new types of promotions. It can also print system-generated tax forms.

FUZION is another example of groundbreaking technological advancements from JCM. Driven by FUZION technology, JCM solutions are involved in every aspect of the casino: audit, count room, entertainment, F&B, marketing, race and sports, security, slot operations, surveillance, table games – giving operators intelligence, security, and integrated transaction management no other supplier can provide.