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ALL-In Global: Localizing for the Indian market

India is one of the hottest iGaming markets. But how do you localize your content in a country where the language can change every 15-20 kilometers?

Roy Pedersen, founder of the first company to offer translation services specifically for the iGaming industry (2008) commented on the demand for Indian languages lately from operators, game developers, platform providers and affiliates alike. “For Hindi we have received as many projects in the last six months as we did in the last three years before that. Punjabi is the language with the second most growth, followed closely by Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Kannada.”

With 122 languages spoken by at least 10,000 people each, there are few – if any – linguistic landscapes that are harder to navigate than India. Localization and content budgets aren’t unlimited of course, so priorities need to be made here. So what type of approach does All-in Global recommend when localizing to India?

Marina Ribeiro, the Marketing Executive at All-in advised: A customized localization strategy would always be the wisest choice. It can be one of your key advantages against the competition. If you have a well-defined geographic target and focus on the regional language to communicate with your audience, your company can shine near a specific audience that will instantly feel more connected to your brand by being able to engage and find information in their own language,”

Marina added one last tip: “Do not underestimate the cultural complexity. India is known for having one of the most diverse cultures around the world. It’s essential to always validate your content by the attentive look of professional natives that can bring you the local factor and perspective to your content and really make a big impact on how your brand is perceived by your customers. When you move from one Indian territory to another the customs and cultural environment also change and those changes should be addressed and captured into your content.”

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