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Darang Candra says 2020 a double-edged-sword for esports [Podcast]


Darang Candra, director of Southeast Asia for Niko Partners speaks with Asia Gaming Brief asia editor Felix Ng about interesting trends seen across esports, PC, and mobile gaming in 2020 – with insights drawn from their 2020 Asia Games Market Report.

In this podcast, Darang describes covid-19’s impact on esports as a “double-edged sword”. On one hand, viewership for esports tournaments has exploded, yet sponsorship revenue and prize pools have fallen.

Ultimately, esports is still at the mercy of the pandemic.

Felix Ng
Felix Ng
Felix is the Asia Editor and Events Director of the Asia Gaming Brief. He has over a decade of experience developing conferences for industries including gaming, telecoms, investment, biotechnology, and mining. Felix covers gaming technology and innovation and is passionate about developing engaging and eye-catching content for the industry.