Exploring market opportunities in Asia: PopOK’s Tsovinar Elchyan

As a relatively young company, iGaming content developer PopOK Gaming is exploring the possibilities in new markets, and dipping its feet into the Asian gaming waters. Product Manager Tsovinar Elchyan notes that the group has already entered 12 regulated markets in the last two years, and its seeing what Asian consumers, particularly in the Philippines, have an appetite for.

Here are some of the highlights:

Entering new markets as a relatively young company

“The company is young, we’ve been operating in the industry for three years. What we are trying to do is expand the geographical area we cover, to make the games we love available for the players worldwide. Step-by-step we are entering into new markets, regulated markets. Within two years we already entered 12 regulated markets. We are exploring Asia now, we came here to showcase our product and, at the same time, look for new opportunities to expand.”

Exploring opportunities in Asia

“The players in every region, they are specific. And what we need to do is to explore, to understand what the consumer wants and adapt”.

“It’s the first time PopOK Gaming is exhibiting in the Philippines, with the stand, so I hope it will be successful.”

Did you reach who you wanted to at the ASEAN Gaming Summit?

“It’s a great exhibition, it’s a great show. Everyone that we need to meet is here. It’s a small one, but it’s a special one. I had a chance to watch the panels as well, there’s very good speakers – there’s always something new to learn. So that was fantastic.”