Asia’s future for sports betting

The state of sports betting is becoming fluid across Southeast Asia, as some nations push for regulations while others see betting shift underground. The advantages for regulation are undisputed, according to Entain’s APAC head, looking from Thailand to Vietnam, Myanmar and beyond.

Here are some of the keypoints, by timestamp:

03:00Entain is only working in regulated markets – that gives it an advantage in reaching out to governments to partner with. China’s focus of the company was more looking at the lottery system. Changes in regulation have since rolled that back.

04:46 – Punters in China, via the Hong Kong Jockey Club, can bet on sports, through retail outlets but not online, at thousands of outlets.

06:00 – Chinese official government policy is to only have two avenues – lottery or sports lottery (fixed-odd soccer product). No likelihood for changes in the framework.

08:00 – Not many places you can legally bet on football in Asia – can’t compete with the grey market.

09:03 – Japan has been interesting – but there’s a split opinion on betting – ergo sports betting has been complicated. Regulated sports betting would actually be better for the country but needs changes in legislation, could happen in a few years.

11:28 – Malaysia has considered doing digital sports betting  – but the religious challenges are slowing the process.

12:30 – Vietnam is fascinating. Might have a trial version of fixed-odds soccer betting this year. Most interesting market towards something legitimate.

14:40 – Is bricks and mortar an easier sell than online?

16:30 – Regulation is obviously correct. Putting everything above board allows for transparency.

19:20 – South Korea vs Japan.

24:30 – Pre-sports betting regulations and post.


29:50 – Asian sports betting is much smaller-margin betting.

33:00 –  Progressive regulators are key to making the next step.

36:30 – Is there a universal rulebook on how sports betting sets its odds?

37:50 – QUESTION: Where are gray markets left after regulation? How to manage new licenses for multiple jurisdiction?

43:50 – Asian gaming could be exactly the same in 10 years, but if one domino topples, then many other governments will see the advantages.