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Angel’s hybrid RFID/AI smart tables seeing keen adoption across APAC

Smart Tables are taking APAC by storm, with operators seeing operational advantages, security improvements and ease of regulatory compliance. The Angel Group has been working on the new tech for 10 years and is rolling it out to highly interested IRs from Macau to the Philippines, Singapore and Australia.

Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: RFID tables could cause punters to shy away

Technology and privacy. The trade-off between the two has been highly debated as tech has become intrinsic in our lives

RFID tables benefits could be offset by privacy concerns: gaming expert

After Macau authorities announced their intention for all gaming concessionaires to adopt radio frequency identification (RFID) tables, commonly known as smart gaming tables, a gaming insider believes that the measure will have a "net neutral" impact on Macau’s gaming revenue.

All Macau casino operators plan to roll out RFID: Goldman Sachs

All six gaming operators in Macau plan to install RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tables in the coming months to improve marketing efficiency and productivity, according to Goldman Sachs.

Macau: Junkets, RFID and gov’t partnership – Alidad Tash

In the second part of the Face to Face sit down with 2NT8 Limited’s Managing Director Alidad Tash, we delve into the shifting role of Macau's junkets, the frontloading of non-gaming spend – now upped to nearly $16 billion over 10 years, and how to align government and private-sector initiatives to benefit both. In addition, RFID tech is placing MGM China far ahead of the competition.

Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Angel Group sees strong APAC interest in smart tables

The world is buzzing about AI, and the casino industry has been quick to explore its possibilities, with both companies and players standing to benefit from the vast potential it holds.

Macau gaming operators’ EBITDA growth expected to reaccelerate with opex stabilizing: Citigroup 

Following Citigroup’s Macau Gaming Corporate Day, where all six casino operators were hosted, the investment bank maintains a bullish stance on Macau gaming companies' oulook. 

Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Smart table tech in all major APAC markets by end-2025

Smart table technology is taking the Asia-Pacific gaming market by storm, with an expert expecting that all major markets within the region will be utilizing some form of the technology by the end of 2025.

Smart table technology set to dominate main Asia market casinos by 2025: Expert

By the end of 2025, it is expected that all major properties in Macau, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand will adopt some form of smart table technology, primarily for Baccarat due to its implementation ease compared to other games, gaming analytics expert David Croft told AGB.

G2E Asia returning to Macau “mecca” with IR-centric approach: Reed Exhibitions APAC President

The Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia) serves as a yearly “mecca”, according to Chien-Ee Yeh, President of Reed Exhibitions Asia Pacific, with the event making an IR-centric return on June 4th-6th.