Flows, the top no-code automation solution, seals deals with leading operators Betroyale and Kabukicasino through Quantum Gaming.

Following the platform partnership announcement with Quantum Gaming, and the subsequent client contract with their first operator Wikibet, Flows has today signed two further contracts with operators Betroyale and Kabukicasino. Both are set to harness the unparalleled prowess of Flows’ automation platform to drive innovation, engage customers with tailored experiences, and maintain a competitive edge through their existing platform, Quantum Gaming. These cutting-edge companies utilise Quantum Gaming’s powerful platform, and in line with their forward-thinking strategies, they have chosen to partner with Flows to drive innovation.

Most recently, Flows unveiled “Flo” to the world, its language (spoken or written) AI software development tool, which is revolutionising the way we build new digital products. Flows clients and marketplace partners can now deliver new features and products, big and small, at breakneck speed. No roadmaps needed…no precious dev time taken up…no need to spend significant amounts on others to deliver for you… just ask Flo.

James King, CEO of Flows, said: “We are really proud to further our partnership with Quantum Gaming by supporting more of its operators as they drive to deliver excellence within their markets. It’s great to see two ambitious brands see the value that Flows can bring to their business in this powerful collaboration alongside Quantum Gaming. Our platform, designed to empower and supercharge operations, finds a perfect fit with Quantum’s exceptional gaming platform. Together, our tech is pushing boundaries, innovating, and redefining the gaming industry. At Flows, we don’t just enhance; we supercharge.

Oliver De Bono, CEO OF Quantum Gaming, added: “Quantum Gaming is thrilled to be able to provide its operators with top-notch, reliable, and intuitive tech and support, and Flows is an important partner on that journey. Together, we are expanding the boundaries of what’s possible in iGaming!”