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The creation of an all-encompassing national gambling regulator in Singapore has hit some delays as a result of the pandemic, says CRA chairman Tan Tee How. 

At the moment, gambling regulation in Singapore is currently overseen by various Government agencies. CRA regulates the casinos, while the Gambling Regulatory Unit in MHA regulates remote gambling services and fruit machines. The Singapore Totalisator Board governs terrestrial gambling services operated by the Singapore Pools. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) takes enforcement action against illegal gambling activities. 

Last year, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced it would establish a Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) by 2021. GRA will be a Statutory Board, with the mandate to regulate the entire gambling landscape in Singapore.

However, the pandemic has made it difficult for CRA officers to prepare for GRA, said Tan in the CRA’s latest annual report, as much of the developmental work requires intensive face-to-face discussions.

“Notwithstanding this, I am happy to see that officers have persevered and achieved much despite the new working conditions. In addition, CRA officers worked relentlessly to ensure that CRA’s supervision of the casino industry remains thorough and robust,” he said.