Macau gaming operators have indicated that they will be required to increase their investment in non-gaming projects by 20 percent each year if the city’s gross gaming revenue reaches MOP180 billion ($22.39 billion).

The figure will be calculated based upon their non-gaming investment pledged under the new 10-year gaming concession contracts which were signed on Friday and come into effect on January 1st.

The amount of non-gaming investment will fall to 16 percent if the GGR figure is reached on the sixth year of the 10-year concession, dropping by 4 percent yearly each subsequent year in the case that GGR levels reach MOP180 billion during each year.

The further non-gaming investment pledge comes after the six concessionaires signed their contracts with the government, pledging $14.8 billion in investment during the ten-year period, with non-gaming spend making up 91 percent of the total.