Artistic swimming, often hailed as “water ballet”, will soon make a grand splash at the “MGM Artistic Swimming Elite Extravaganza & Macao Open Artistic Swimming Competition 2023” this month.

A strong lineup of China’s three renowned teams, namely China’s National Artistic Swimming Team, Beijing Artistic Swimming Team and Sichuan Artistic Swimming Team, will come to Macau to present a set of exhilarating performances. Meanwhile, audiences can be amazed at the breathtaking water acrobatics of the award-winning athletes – Shi Haoyu, Yang Shuncheng and Dai Shiyi who earlier clinched gold medals at the Mixed Duet Free Routine and Solo Free Routine Categories of the World Aquatics Artistic Swimming World Cup and will strive to compete in the coming Olympic games.

MGM has been proactively bolstering the local sports industry, as part of its commitment to pushing forward Tourism+ development in Macau. The Company is delighted to be Macau’s first integrated tourism enterprise to launch the city’s maiden artistic swimming-themed mega sports event “MGM Artistic Swimming Elite Extravaganza & Macao Open Artistic Swimming Competition 2023” from June 23 to 25 at the Aquatic Centre of the Olympic Sports Centre.

“The three-day sports gala – in collaboration with the Associação Geral de Natação de Macau and the Macau Artistic Swimming Team, together with the support of the Sports Bureau – will usher in the “Artistic Swimming Elite Extravaganza”, with three top national teams performing at the opening (June 24) and closing ceremony (June 25). In addition, a total of around 180 top athletes from China will gather in Macau to compete in the annual “Open Artistic Swimming Competition.”

The three-day artistic swimming event is open to everyone for free entry. Starting from June 10 onwards, complimentary tickets will be distributed online and at the Box Office of MGM COTAI on a first come, first served basis. Each person is entitled to a maximum of 4 tickets per event day. The Open Competition is comprised of four categories, including “Technical”, “Freestyle Solo”, “Freestyle Duet” and “Freestyle Team”. The public can grasp the opportunity to appreciate the dexterous movements of China’s leading artistic swimming teams, and enjoy the fierce competition between local athletes.