Three mainland gamblers arrested for entering Macau illegally

Hengqin port, Macau

Police have arrested three mainland Chinese men who allegedly tried to enter Macau on foot in the restricted area near the Hengqin Border.

According to the Judiciary Police, three suspects, aged 39 to 44, had all been prohibited from entering the city for between one and four years. Police believe that one suspect has paid RMB15,000 (circa $2,170) to get help to enter the city. Two suspects are members of an illegal immigration group.

The police during the arrest found fake immigration receipts for permanence in Macau and HK$50,000 ($6.370) in gaming chips from Macau casinos.

The illegal immigration syndicate was believed to have been operating for more than two weeks – helping mainland gamblers to come to Macau. The group members have made use of the expansion project of the Hengqin Border to avoid customs.

Chinese authorities have implemented strict rules to monitor cross-border gambling activities since 2021, and the rigid control of Chinese borders has stimulated a demand for the illegal immigration services.